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Mud Run Conservation Area

Mud Run Conservation Area is 10 acres of woodlands along Mud Run, a Cold Water stream near the village of Sandt’s Eddy in Lower Mt. Bethel Township. The site is bisected by an undergound utility line. 

Location: Lower Mount Bethel Township

Open: Sunrise to sunset.

Activities: Fishing, birdwatching.

Amenities: Limited roadside parking is available where the utility line crosses Mud Run Road.  

Watershed: Mud Run

Directions: Lower Mud Run Road

GPS Coordinates: 40.760931, -75.194266

Area: 10 Acres

Owned by: Northampton County

Historical Interest: Over time, Mud Run has been known by more names than perhaps any other stream in the County, including: Moody's Run, Dry Run, Black Tommy's Creek, Smally's Creek, Smalley's Creek and Muddy Creek. 

Environmental Features: Streamside woodlands in the Mud Run Greenway and adjacent to the Delaware River Greenway.


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