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ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Environmental Services Home Page

Environmental Services 


​Environmental Services, a Division of the Department of Public Works, is a County office that deals with recycling, special collections and recycling education.  We offer assistance to municipal offices located within Northampton County and coordinate recycling and solid waste efforts within the County in the following ways:

  • Assist municipalities and recycling agencies with the implementation of recycling programs, education, obtaining grant funding, and environmental data management.
  • Prepare the Northampton County Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan.
  • Organize various waste collection events for the County residents that improve and increase recycling and waste diversion. 


 Electronics Recycling

There are hazardous materials hiding in most electronics, which has resulted in a ban of electronics being collected with your household trash.  Northampton County is offering a limited electronics recycling program through support of city/ multi-municipal hosted collection events in 2018.

2018 E-Waste Collection Events.pdf

Permitted Electronics Recyclers in PA


 Latex Paint Recycling

​Latex paint is not considered hazardous waste and is not accepted at County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection events.  In partnership with ReStore, a division of Habitat for Humanity, Northampton County hosts Latex Paint Collection Events in various locations throughout the County. ReStore accepts donations of latex paint from a variety of sources, including individuals & businesses throughout Northampton & Lehigh Counties.   The paint will be remixed and resold to individuals and groups at discounted prices, thus providing additional funding to Habitat Lehigh Valley's building programs.

2018 Latex Paint Collections.pdf

ReStore Latex Paint  Requirements

ReStore Latex Paint Color Chart

 Drug Take Back

​Northampton County's Office of the District Attorney, Chiefs of Police Association, and the County Administrator initiated a medicine collection program for residents. Utilizing secure collection boxes, residents can anonymously dispose of unwanted medicines at their local police department in a secure collection box.  Law enforcement officials will turn over the collected medicines to the PA National Guard Counterdrug Joint Task Force (PA NG Task Force) for transport and disposal.

Med-Return Box Locations

Accepted Medications


There are lots of good reasons to compost. Save money, save resources, improve your soil and reduce your impact on the environment. Regardless of your reasons, composting is a win/win scenario. Good for you and good for the environment.  Adding compost to your garden will not only fertilize, it actually feeds your soil with a diversity of nutrients and microorganisms that will improve plant growth. Chemical fertilizers on the other hand provide a quick burst of a limited number of nutrients that can wash away into our rivers and streams. Compost also increases soil stability, improves drainage and helps retain moisture. 

Trouble Shooting Tips

PA Food Waste Composting/Digesting Facilities

Northampton County Compost Pilot Program

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