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 Residential Recycling

Act 101 requires "mandated" municipalities to have an ordinance that requires, among other things, "persons to separate high grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper and leaf waste and other materials deemed appropriate by the municipality generated at commercial, municipal or institutional establishments and from community activities and to store the material until collection."

Each municipality in Northampton County directs their own recycling program within the parameters of PA Act 101.  Please contact your municipality directly with questions about your curbside trash and recycling.

Solid Waste & Recycling Haulers
Most Common Recycling Bin Contaminants


 Curbside Recycling


Each municipality (city, township or borough) within Northampton County is responsible for your curbside recycling.  Contact your local municipal office and/or trash hauler for the following:
     • Recycling bins (new or replacement)
     • Complete list of materials you can recycle
     • Pick-up days and times
     • Other questions about recycling

Resident's Guide to Recycling & Waste Disposal
Guide to Clean Recycling
Special Waste Disposal


Single Stream Recycling
Single stream recycling is placing all paper, glass bottles & jars, aluminum, steel-bi-metallic and plastic items, in one container.  When recycling curbside in Northampton County, with the exception of the City of Bethlehem (dual stream), recyclable materials
do not need to be sorted. This is also known as single stream recycling. It's easy and saves time for you and eliminates more recycling trucks on the road.  Please contact your municipality or hauler (private subscription) to see what items are accepted in your curbside collection.


PPL Electric and Met-Ed want you to properly dispose of your old (working) refrigerator and/or freezer and they will pick it up and pay you to do it! If you’re an existing customer, both companies will pick up your appliance(s) for you, and mail you a check or credit your account.  Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can be recycled along with qualifying refrigerators and freezers at the same time.  

 Drop-Off Locations

Recycling Markets & Disposal Locations

Municipal Recycling Drop-Off Locations
Your municipality may offer a recycling drop off location for its residents.  Contact your Borough, City or Township Hall for details. 



 Opt Out Lists

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