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**Please note: The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event has not yet been scheduled for 2022.  
This page is for reference until a new date is available.  
 Pre-registration, with an assigned time to drop-off, will be required in order to participate in future County-wide collection events.**

Many common household products contain hazardous substances. These materials are hazardous because they contain chemicals that are corrosive, explosive, reactive, flammable, poisonous or toxic. These products become household hazardous waste (HHW) once the consumer no longer has use for them. 

The average household throws 15.5 pounds of hazardous materials into the trash every year. Household hazardous materials are disposed of in other ways, as well.  They are poured down the drain and end up in the sewer or septic systems. Dumping HHW into septic systems kills bacteria that are necessary for the proper functioning of the system.  Disposing of HHW in landfills may contaminate ground and surface waters, ruining drinking water and killing fish and wildlife. Pesticides can damage sewage treatment plants, and oil poured into storm drains can flow directly into streams and ponds.

There is no dedicated drop off facility in Northampton County that accepts Household Hazardous Waste.  HHW Collection Events provide County residents with convenient access to proper HHW disposal.  If you live in a participating community, you can take HHW products to a collection event free of charge.  Proof of residency is required.

          ● Be sure to read product labels for disposal directions to reduce the risk of products exploding, igniting, leaking, mixing with other chemicals, or posing other
             hazards on the way to a disposal facility.

          ● If you cannot attend a county collection event, please consider asking a friend or neighbor to take the items to the event for proper disposal.

As a Last Resort

If you are unable to wait for a County program offering, you can consider contacting a hazardous waste company to inquire 
about disposal of HHW materials from your home (fees will apply), or you may legally dispose of them in your household trash provided that:

       □ You have looked at the label for any disposal instructions and complied with them.
       □ Liquids have been allowed to evaporate or have been absorbed by a material such as vermiculite, cat litter, sawdust, etc.
       □ The material has been carefully packaged (i.e. double bagged) to prevent leakage.
       □ Large quantities are intermingled with your other household trash in small batches over several collection days.

Automotive Waste Recycling Locations

Battery Disposal Locations
Bulb/Lamp Disposal Locations
EPA's Safer Choice Program
Hazardous Waste Contractors


 Northampton County HHW Program

  • Reduce the volume of toxic materials entering our landfills, sewers, and natural surroundings              
  • Reduce community exposure to toxic materials
  • Protect solid waste worker's health
  • Safeguard groundwater from toxic contaminants

One-day annual collection event are offered to Northampton County residents at no cost to them.  Northampton County does not use general fund tax dollars.  Disposal costs and coordination are paid for by the Northampton County Recycling and Sustainability Fund, with contributions provided by Waste Management's Grand Central Sanitary and Alliance Landfills.
ChemSweep Funds are provided by the PA Department of Agriculture and Support of grants is available through PA Department of Environmental Protection.
PADEP offers a reimbursement program that provides 50% match for eligible household hazardous waste program expenses.
Northampton Community College has provided use of their facility and assisted with setup and security since 2006. 

HHW material brought to collection events are collected and treated by a DEP licensed hauler and facility.  

Covered Devices defined as electronic waste (Ewaste) are not considered hazardous waste material under Act 190 and does not receive any State funding for proper disposal.  Those using Ewaste programs are required to pay fees where they apply.


 HHW Collection Event

The next HHW Collection event has not been scheduled at this time.

Pre-registration will be required for all county-wide collection events.

 Drop-Off Event Guidelines

  • Double check the waste items you plan to bring with the list of accepted and restricted materials.
  • Place your waste items in your trunk, cargo-area, truck bed.
  • Remove items from these areas that are not intended for the event.
  • You may arrive any time within your registered appointment window.
  • Event workers will unload your materials. Remain in your vehicle and unlock the trunk or rear gate for event staff to access boxed materials.
  • Keep chemicals in their original container and never mix products. If you can't read the label mark "unknown".
  • Make certain all containers are tightly sealed to avoid spillage. Pack newspaper around any leaking containers.
  • There will be no pour offs. Be prepared to drop off and leave behind any container with liquid (such as gas cans).
  • If it is necessary to have your containers returned, write "RETURN" on a note and attach it to the container. You will be directed to pull out of line and will need to wait until the container is emptied and can be given to you.
  • Transport chemicals in a cardboard box. NO plastic tubs. The time spent emptying plastic tubs for return slows down the collection line.
  • Quick drop-offs are not accepted and will be treated as illegal dumps.
  • The County will NOT accept wastes from businesses, contractors, municipalities, non-profits, organizations, institutions and out-of-county households – you will be turned away.
  • There is a limit of 20 gallons or 60 lbs. of solid material waste per participating household. No 25- or 50-gallon drums will be accepted.

 Accepted Materials

Paint Products: Oil-Based Paints, Removers, Shellac, Solvents, Spray paint, Stains, Strippers , Varnish, Thinners, Turpentine
Automotive Products: Automotive fluids: Motor oil, Transmission / Starter / Brake fluid, Antifreeze, Fuel additives, Gas, Oil, Gas Oil Mixture, Grease & Rust Solvents
Outdoor Products: Asphalt / Driveway Sealers, MINI Propane Tanks, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Weed killers, Roof Cement, Swimming Pool Chemicals
Household Products: Acids, Caustics, Adhesives, Glues, Aerosols, Batteries (Auto / Lead-acid / Marine / Rechargeable / Lithium / Ni-Cad / Button), Caulking Compounds, Cleaners, Degreasers, Drain Openers, Fire Extinguishers, Flammables, Fluorescent Tubes, Ballast, and CFLs, Joint Compound, Kerosene, Mercury (Thermostats & Thermometers), Mothballs / Flakes, Oxidizers, Reactives, Wallpaper Cements

 Unacceptable Materials

NO Tires, Electronics, Appliances ● Scrap Metal ● White Goods, Explosives, Ammunition, Radioactive Waste, Fireworks /Flares, Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Infectious / Medical Waste / SHARPS , Latex Paint (Water-Based), Unidentified Waste, Bulk waste, Commercial / Industrial waste, Pressurized CFCs & HCFCs (refrigerants), Gas Cylinders, Helium Tanks

 What happens to my HHW after I drop it off?

​A licensed hazardous waste company will be on site to receive, sort, package, load and transport all collected HHW off site to an approved disposal facility.  Treatment methods include fuels blending, recycling, incineration, neutralization, and reuse.


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 Participating Communities

​Allen Township ● Bangor Borough ● Bath Borough ● City of Bethlehem* ● Bethlehem Township ● Bushkill Township ● Chapman Borough ● East Allen Township ● East Bangor Borough ● City of Easton ● Forks Township ● Freemansburg Borough ● Glendon Borough ● Hanover Township* ● Hellertown Borough ● Lehigh Township ● Lower Mt. Bethel Township ● Lower Nazareth Township ● Lower Saucon Township ● Moore Township ● Nazareth Borough ● North Catasaqua Borough ● Northampton Borough ● Palmer Township ● Pen Argyl Borough ● Plainfield Township ● Portland Borough ●  Roseto Borough ●  Stockertown Borough  ● Tatamy Borough ● Upper Mt. Bethel Township ● Upper Nazareth Township ● Walnutport Borough ● Washington Township ● West Easton Borough ● Williams Township ● Wilson Borough ● Wind Gap Borough

 *Collection events are for residents residing within Northampton County.  Those that do not, please contact Lehigh County Government Center.

Proof of Residency is required to participate in Northampton County Collection Events.

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