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 Other Veteran Benefits and Filing Dates

‚ÄčThere are many other benefits available to veterans, their families and dependents through the agencies of the United States Veterans Administration.

90 days To apply to former employer for re-employment.
120 days To retain insurance protection by converting Servicemen's Group Life Insurance to Veterans Group Life Insurance without examination. If totally disabled at time of separation, conversion may be made within one year from discharge.
1 year From date of notice granting service connection to obtain GI life insurance because of service-connected disability.
1 year To file for VA dental treatment. No time limit for trauma or combat-caused conditions, or for former prisoners of war.
3 years To apply for correction of military records to correct an error or injustice.
10 years To complete GI Bill education. Course must be started in time to finish in 10 years.
12 years To complete vocational rehabilitation, except certain cases of serious disability or delay in establishing eligibility.
15 years To apply for review of character of discharge.
No limit To obtain VA Guaranteed Loan.
No limit To file pension claim, non-service connected.
No limit To file for Federal Civil Service Veterans Preference.
No limit To obtain VA hospital care.
No limit To obtain special assistance in finding employment or job training program
No limit To convert Term Insurance
No limit To apply for exemplary Rehabilitation Certificate, but applicant must demonstrate a good record for at least three consecutive years from any date after release for active duty.
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