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​The in-plan services described below must be available to all Northampton County HealthChoices eligible members. These services are from DPW Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

 Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital

​Evaluation and treatment services provided in a licensed psychiatric unit of a community hospital or a community psychiatric hospital that is not part of a medical hospital. Services are provided to persons with acute illness where safety for self or others is an issue. Services are provided by psychiatrists, nurses and social services staff. Persons may be involuntarily committed for evaluation and treatment.

 Inpatient and Non-Hospital D&A Detoxification

​An observation and treatment process where persons who are drug and/or alcohol dependent are assisted through the detoxification process. Services are provided in a community hospital or a residential program under the direction of a physician and nursing staff. This type of care utilizes multi-disciplinary staff to provide treatment and supports specific to psychoactive substance use.

 Inpatient and Non-Hospital D & A Rehabilitation

​Treatment services provided in a licensed community residential program or a hospital, following a detoxification process where a full range of treatment and supportive services are provided for the addicted person in acute distress. Interventions include social, psychological and medical services to assist the person whose addiction symptomatology is demonstrated by moderate impairment of social, occupational, and/or school functioning. Rehabilitation is a treatment goal.

 Peer Services

​These services are designed on the principles of consumer choice and the active involvement of persons in their recovery process.  Peer support practice is guided by the belief that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose for themselves their desired roles with regard to living, learning, working and social interaction in the community.  For this reason, the agreement of the individual to receive services is critical.  Services are multi-faceted and include, but are not limited to, individual advocacy, education, development of natural supports, support of work or other meaningful activity of the individual's choosing, crisis management support, skills training, effective utilization of the service delivery system and coordination of and linkage to other service providers.

 Psychiatric Outpatient

​Evaluation and treatment services provided to persons who may benefit from periodic visits that may include psychiatric and psychological evaluation, medication management, individual or group therapy. Services are provided by licensed facilities under the supervision of a psychiatrist or by private credentialed practitioners.

 D & A Outpatient

​Evaluation and treatment services provided at a licensed facility to persons who can benefit from psychotherapy and substance use/abuse education. Services are provided in regularly scheduled treatment sessions for a maximum of 5 hours per week by qualified D&A treatment staff.

 Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization

​Treatment services provided from 3 to 6 hours per day up to 5 days per week in a licensed facility. Evaluation, treatment and medication are provided under the supervision of a psychiatrist for persons who need more intensive treatment than psychiatric outpatient. Services are provided for a short duration of time for persons acutely ill and for longer periods for persons experiencing long-term serious mental illness. Services are typically provided in a therapeutic group setting.

 D & A Partial Hospitalization

​Treatment services designed for persons who need more intervention than offered by outpatient services but do not require 24-hour care. Services include psychiatric, psychological, social and other therapies on a planned basis. Services are provided in licensed facilities with regularly scheduled treatment sessions at least 3 days per week with a minimum of 10 hours per week.

 Family Based Mental Health Services

​Evaluation and treatment services provided to a specific child in a family, but focuses on strengthening the whole family system to increase their ability to successfully manage their child's behavioral and emotional issues. Services are provided by licensed agencies employing a mental health professional and a mental health worker as a team to provide treatment and case management interventions. Services are provided in the home of the family.

 Targeted Case Management (Intensive Case Management and Resource Coordination)

​Case management services provided to assist children, adolescents and adults with serious mental illness or emotional disturbance to obtain treatment and supports necessary to maintain a healthy and stable life in the community. Caseload sizes are limited to ensure adequate attention to the person's needs as they change. Emphasis is given to housing, food, treatment services, use of time, employment and education. Intensive case management services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

 Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for Children and Adolescents

​Treatment and therapeutic interventions prescribed by a psychologist or psychiatrist provided on an individual basis in the person's own environment such as the home, school and community. These services include Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS), Behavioral Specialist Consultants (BSC), Mobile Therapy (MT) and specialized services, as approved.

 Residential Treatment Services

​Comprehensive mental health treatment services for children with severe disturbances or mental illness. These services are provided in Residential Treatment Facilities (RTF's) which must be licensed by OCY&F under Chapter 3800. The facility must have a service description approved by OMHSAS, be certified by OMHSAS through annual on-site review, have a utilization review plan in effect and be enrolled in the MA program.

 Methadone and Levo-Alpha-Acetyl-Methadol (LAAM)

​Medication used to achieve stabilization or prevent withdrawal symptoms. Slow withdrawal or outpatient detoxification of the person from the maintenance medication is part of this treatment process.

 Crisis Intervention Services

​Immediate response and intervention services available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week designed to ameliorate or resolve the precipitating stress of the crisis situation. Services are provided to adults, adolescents and children who exhibit an acute problem of disturbed thought, behavior, mood or social relationships. The service provides a rapid response to crisis situations that threaten the well being of an individual or others. Services include intervention, assessment, counseling, screening and disposition by telephone and may include walk-in, mobile and crisis residential coverage systems.
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