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EARLY INTERVENTION Early Intervention Home Page

Northampton County’s Early Intervention Program services are designed to meet the developmental needs of children from birth to three years old with a disability as well as the needs of the family related to enhancing the child’s development. The program is at no cost to families and is designed as a family centered approach. Supports and services to families and their children are individualized based upon the strengths, concerns, and priorities of the families and the child’s needs. Services should be conducted in the child’s natural environment. The Early Intervention Program will also assist families to access the many community services and supports in their local area. 

To determine if a child is eligible for Early Intervention services a multidisciplinary team will convene in the child’s natural environment to conduct an evaluation that assess the five areas of development:

  • Physical development, including vision and hearing
  • Cognitive development
  • Communication development
  • Social or emotional development
  • Adaptive development 

To qualify for services in Early Intervention at least one of the following criteria needs to be met:

  • At the evaluation a score of 1.5 standard deviation or a 25% developmental delay in one or more of the areas listed above or, 
  • A child must have a physical or mental condition/diagnosis that has a high probability for a developmental delay or, 
  • An Informed Clinical opinion can be used to determination that a child requires supports and services even though they might not have a developmental delay according to the score of the evaluation. 

If a child qualifies for services the Early Intervention service coordinator as well as the specialized and trained therapist will support the family in a family centered approach. Families will be supported in completing an individualized family service plan that will respect the family’s strengths, concerns, values, and diversity. The plan will work on individualized goals for the child and will enhance each family’s capacity to meet the developmental needs of their child in various settings. Families will be supported through the different transition in their young life, whether that might be into the community or transition to IU three to five program. 


While all children grow and change at their own rate some children can experience delays in their development, Northampton County Early Intervention is here to assist with any concerns that you might have regarding your child’s development. If you have concerns with your child’s development please feel free to call and make a referral to Northampton County’s Early Intervention program at (610) 829-4800.

To learn more about Early Intervention please visit the DHS website 

Additional resources and information:

  • Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania ( Linking families of children and adults with disabilities or special needs to other parents):
  • Hands and Voices Guide by Your Side (Linking families of infants and toddlers newly identified with hearing loss or deafness to trained and experienced parent guides) 1-800-7282 ext. 3908
  • Family and Early Intervention Partnership (Group of parents and professionals who are devoted to providing resources to families and communities). For more information please call Jessica Weitknecht at 610-829-4757.  Look for us on Facebook as well. 
  • Eita Portal (parent and professional information regarding Early Intervention)

    For additional resources in the community please call 610-829-4757
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