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Please feel free to browse through this helpful information.  Please see your clinician (therapist, psychologist/psychiatrist or doctor for further information and additional literature.  Northampton County believes that mothers and fathers are the single most powerful support system for kids. With this in mind, parenting resources are provided to help parents who may be struggling with all types of parenting issues.


collapse Category 1 : Bicycle Manual ‎(1)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(1)
collapse Category 1 : Birth Search ‎(24)
collapse Category 2 : Access To Records ‎(1)
Access to adoption records
collapse Category 2 : Family Search ‎(4)
Buscando a Parientas Biologicos
Searching for Birth Relatives
collapse Category 2 : Forms ‎(12)
Act101 CY911 Adoptee Authorization-Spanish Form
Act101 CY983 RequestForAdoptionInfo-Spanish
Act101 CY984 WithdrawalOfAuthorization-Spanish
CY 910 Parent Authorization and Reg Form (Appendix G)
CY 911 Adoptee Authorization and Reg Form (Appendix F)
CY 983 Adoption Request Form (Appendix E)
CY 984 Withrawl of Authorization Form (Appendix H)
Appendix I Court and Agency Birth Parent Authorization For Release of Information and Request Contact Form 031111
Appendix J Court and Agency Adoptee Authorization to Release Information and Request Contact Form 030211
Appendix L Court and Agency Withdrawal of Authorization to Release Information and Contact Request Form 030211
collapse Category 2 : Guidelines ‎(3)
2015 Edition SWAN LSI Diligent Search Packet
collapse Category 2 : Impact of Adoption ‎(4)
collapse Category 1 : Bullying ‎(24)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(24)
Bullying and Harassment of Students
Common Views and Myths about Bullying
Help Your Child Recognize The Signs of Bullying
Notifying School About Bullying letter
Notifying the School About a Bullying Incident
Record Keeping and Bullying
Strategies for Becoming An Ally
Student Action Plan Against Bullying
Student with a 504 Plan Notifying School About Bullying
Student with a IEP Notifying-School-About Bullying Letter
What To Do IF You Are Sexually Bullied
Use Positive Strategies to Protect Your Child with Disabilities From Bullying
What Are Public Schools Required to Do When Students with Disabilities Are Bullied
Bullying y Acoso de Estudiantes con Discapacidades
Creencias Comunes Acerca de Bullying
Hable Con Su Hijo Acerca de Bullying
Mantenga un Registro
Notificando a la Escuela Acerca de un Incidente de Bullying Mediante el Uso de Una Carta-Formulario
Para Padres De Ninos Menores Conversacion Con Su Nino Sobre Los Conflictos
Que deben hacer las escuelas públicas cuando los estudiantes con discapacidades son acosados
collapse Category 1 : Career ‎(15)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(15)
A Parents Guide To Job Corps
Job Corps Additional Information
Job Corps
Why Do Job Corps
PA Career Guide
collapse Category 1 : Development ‎(21)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(21)
Have a Conversation Not a Confrontation
Helping teens cope with stress
Home Rewards for Teenagers
How to Break through Barriers
Normal Behaviors of Adolescents
Parenting Primer Tips for Parenting Teens
Positive Parenting teens-12-14
Positive Parenting Teens-15-17
Talking with your teens About Sex
Teen Brain is Still Under Contstruction
Top Ten Tips for Parenting Your Teen
Consejo de Crianza Positiva del Nino--12-14
Consejos de Crianza Positiva-Nino-15-17
Guide For Adults- Teen Game Plan
collapse Category 1 : Domestic Violence ‎(11)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(11)
Information for Parents-Teen Sexual Assault
Info for Teens-Teen Sexual Assault
collapse Category 1 : Drivers license ‎(8)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(8)
Cost for License
Driver's Manual
Junior License to Driver's License
Medical Exam for License
PA Teen Safe Driving Resource Guide
Application for Driver's License
collapse Category 1 : Drugs and Treatment ‎(38)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(38)
Drogas Derribemos Los Mitos
Drug Facts La Cocaína
Drug Facts La Heroína
Drug Facts La Marihuana
Drug Facts La metanfetamina
Drug Facts Los alucinógenos
Drug Facts Los inhalantes
Drug Facts- synthetic cathinones
Commonly Abused Drugs
Drug Chart
Drug Facts cocaine
Drug Facts Drugged Driving
Drug Facts Hallucinogens
Drug Facts Heroin
Drug Facts Inhalants
Drug Facts Kratom
Drug Facts Marijuana
Drug Facts MDMA (EcstasyMolly)
Drug Facts Methamphetamine
Drug Facts Synthetic Cannabinoids
Drug Facts-Anabolic Steroids
Drugs Shatter the Myths
Drug Facts- Comorbidity Addiction and Other Mental Disorders
Drug Facts HIV-AIDS and Drug Abuse Intertwined Epidemics
Drug Facts Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications
Drugs, Brains, and Behavior The Science of Addiction
Perscription and Over The Counter Drug A parents guide to the legal drugs kids are using and abusing
Preventing Teen Abuse of Prescription Drugs Fact Sheet
Five Parenting Practices to Help Reduce the Chances Your Child will Develop a Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Guide for Parents- Synthetic Drugs Bath Salts, K2Spice
Keeping Your Teens Drug Free Parents Guide
Parental Guide Teen’s Recovery from Substance Abuse
Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse
collapse Category 1 : Education ‎(26)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(26)
Campus Safety Tips
Moravian College New Student Guide
PA Student Aid Guide
PHEAA Chafee Application 2016-2017
collapse Category 1 : Gambling ‎(3)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(3)
Adolescent Compulsive Gambling
collapse Category 1 : Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered (LGBT) ‎(17)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(17)
Be Yourself
Coming Out Guide
Guide to Being a Straight Ally
Guide to Being A Trans Ally
Questions for Parents of GLBT kids
Straight For Equality Field Guide
Straight For Equality Health Guide
Cultivating Respect Safe Schools
Support for Parents of GLBT
Transgendered Visibility Guide
Faith in Our Families Talk about sex orientation and gender identity
Nuestras Hijas Preguntas y respuestas Guide for Spanish Parents of GLBT
Our Trans Loved Ones question and answers for Parents Families and Friends
PFLAG Faith in Our Families Discuss Faith sexual orientation and gender identity
Se Tu Mismo Preguntas y respuestas para jóvenes gay, lesbianas, bisexuales y transgéneros Be Yourself
collapse Category 1 : Health ‎(1)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(1)
collapse Category 1 : Helpline ‎(1)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(1)
collapse Category 1 : Mental Health ‎(7)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(7)
Helping Teens Cope With Stress
KP 15 Ways To Help Child Through Crises
KP Suicide Prevention
collapse Category 1 : Parenting ‎(22)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(22)
Create a Family Safety Plan
Have a Conversation Not a Confrontation
How to Break through Barriers
How to Listen
Talking with your teens About Sex
Top Ten Tips for Parenting Your Teen
Visiting Mom or Dad While they are incarcerated
Warning Signs of Possible Sex Abuse
Parent Education to Strengthen Families and Reduce the Risk of maltreatment
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Facts about sexual abuse and how to prevent it
collapse Category 1 : Planned Parenthood ‎(8)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(8)
collapse Category 1 : Resources ‎(13)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(13)
Birth Certificate Application
Lehigh Valley Area Community Resource Book 2005-2016 BY CCS
Números Gratuitos Para Lineas de Ayuda en Caso de Crisis
Toll Free Crisis Hotline Numbers
collapse Category 1 : Safety ‎(1)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(1)
collapse Category 1 : Sex Education ‎(19)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(19)
A Teen Guide to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care
Body Image and Sexuality
Talking with Parents About Kids Sexual Behaviors
Imagen Corporal Y La Sexualidad ¿Cuál es la Relación
collapse Category 1 : Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) ‎(30)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(30)
Bacterial Vaginosis – CDC Fact Sheet
Chlamydia – CDC Fact Sheet
Condom Fact Sheet In Brief
Effectiveness Of Family Planning Methods
Genital Herpes – CDC Fact Sheet
Genital HPV Infection – CDC Fact Sheet
Gonorrhea – CDC Fact Sheet
Herpes genital Hoja informativa de los CDC
HPV and Men - CDC Fact Sheet
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Oropharyngeal Cancer – CDC
Information for Teens and Young Adults
Know your Condoms do's and dont's
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - CDC Fact Sheet
STDs and HIV – CDC Fact Sheet
STDs during Pregnancy - CDC Fact Sheet
Syphilis - CDC Fact Sheet
Trichomoniasis - CDC Fact Sheet
What Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Need to Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases-factsheet-nov-2013
La sífilis y los HSH (hombres que tienen relaciones sexuales con hombres) Hoja informativa de los CDC
Eficacia de los métodos de planificación familiar afiche
Gonorrea Hoja informativa de los CDC
Infección genital por el VPH Hoja informativa
Infección por clamidia Hoja informativa de los CDC
Las enfermedades de transmisión sexual (ETS)
Las ETS y el VIH; hoja informativa de los CDC
Sífilis Hoja informativa de los CDC
Tricomoniasis - Hoja informativa de los CDC
Vaginosis bacteriana Hoja informativa de los CDC
collapse Category 1 : Teen Magazine ‎(1)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(1)
collapse Category 1 : Turning 18 re entrance ‎(6)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(6)
Teen Game Plan-Life Plan
Know Your Rights Brochure
The National Youth in Transition Database Flyer
collapse Category 1 : Vacccines ‎(2)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(2)
collapse Category 1 : Youth Advisory Board ‎(4)
collapse Category 2 :  ‎(4)
2015 Final YAB DAF Recommendations

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