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Jennifer D. Stewart-King, B.S., NHA
Dawn Tuersfeldman, RN
Sherry Ficocelli

​The Gracedale Adivosry Board was created on March 20, 2012, to assist Gracedale Nursing Home in obtaining its mission of meeting the medical, psycho-social, and spiritual needs of the residents of Gracedale Nursing Home while maintaining the highest possible standards of care in the most efficient manner.


2019 Meeting Minutes2018 Meeting Minutes​2017 Meeting Minutes

​2016 Meeting Minutes

​December 2019​December 2018- Meeting Canceled​December 2017 - Meeting Canceled​December 2016 - Meeting Canceled
​November 2019November 2018.pdfNovember 2017.pdfNovember 2016.pdf
​October 2019October 2018.pdfOctober 2017.pdf​October 2016 - Meeting Canceled
​September 2019September 2018.pdfSeptember 2017.pdfSeptember 2016.pdf
​August 2019​August 2018 - Meeting Canceled​August 2017 - Meeting Canceled​August 2016 - Meeting Canceled
​July 2019​July 2018 - Meeting Canceled​July 2017 - Meeting Canceled​July 2016 - Meeting Canceled
​June 2019June 2018.pdfJune 2017.pdfJune 2016.pdf 
​May 2019May 2018.pdfMay 2017.pdfMay 2016.pdf
​April 2019- Meeting CanceledApril 2018.pdfApril 2017.pdfApril 2016.pdf
​March 2019March 2018.pdfMarch 2017.pdfMarch 2016.pdf
​February 2019February 2018.pdf​February 2017 - Meeting CanceledFebruary 2016.pdf
January 2019.pdfJanuary 2018.pdfJanuary 2017.pdfJanuary 2016.pdf


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