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The Repository is a list of properties that have been presented at the Northampton County Upset Sale and Judicial Sale, but remain unsold.  Please be aware, this list is a guideline and may include properties that have recently been sold or are pending sale approval.  The Tax Claim Unit, its representatives, employees, and solicitors make no representations and/or warranties to any prospective purchasers as to the state of the title and/or the condition of the property being sold without any guarantees as to their whereabouts or conditions, nor will it make any survey on the property sold or even the existence of the property.  The rule of Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) applies.  To inquire about the availability of a listed property, please call 610-829-6186.

All properties are sold pursuant to the Act of July 7, 1947, Public Law 1368, No. 542, as amended, known as the Real Estate Tax Sale Law.  All prospective bidders are reminded that it is the bidder's responsibility to conduct their own search of the property and to make their own determination as to the condition of the title, use and location of the property.

Click here to view a Repository List - Repository List

The purchasing of a Repository property is done by sealed bid process. All persons desiring to bid on a Repository Property are required to do so in writing by completing the required bid form titled "Bid for Repository of Unsold Properties" and present it along with a check for the bid amount, either in person or by sending it to County of Northampton, Attn: Revenue, 669 Washington Street, Easton PA 18042.

If more than one bid is received for the same property the highest bid will be the amount which will be recognized. All sales are subject to written approval from the taxing entities where the property is located.  Additionally, in the event that a bid is rejected for any reason, the bidder will be notified in writing.

The successful bidder shall pay to the Tax Claim Bureau the costs of recording the deed and the Realty Transfer Tax as established by the Recorder of Deeds after the sale has been approved.  No refund will be made after the property is sold. 

Click here to view a Repository Bid Form -  Repository Bid Form

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