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     Subdivision Recording

    All Engineering Plans must be Submitted to the GIS Division for Review Prior to Recording

    Engineering plans include:

    • Subdivisions
    • Lot Line Adjustments
    • Consolidations
    • Highway Plans
    • Site Plans
    • Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans

    There is a fee of $5.00 per parcel being certified on all plan types. 


    All subdivision plans require a 24 hour waiting period for parcel number assignment.

    There is a $5.00 fee for each new parcel that is created. Additionally, for parcel certification purposes, $5.00 is charged for each existing parcel that is affected.

    All plans submitted for recording must be printed on archival-quality Mylar film.

    Due to scanner limitations, plans should be no larger than 36" along the shortest side.

    Pursuant to Ordinance No. 360-2000, addresses must be assigned to all new and existing buildable lots. The addresses for each lot must be clearly displayed on the plan.

     Parcel Consolidation

    Tax Parcels that have Separate Tax Identifier Numbers may be Consolidated into One Tax Parcel

    In order to consolidate:

    All properties to be combined must be contiguous. All parcels must be in the same name(s), trust or business. Person(s) requesting the merge must be the current owner(s) of the properties.

    Written approval for any parcel consolidation must be obtained from the Municipal Authority in which the parcel is located.

    Download and submit the Request for Consolidation of Tax Parcels form (located here: Consolidation Form.pdf)  to the GIS Division.

     GIS Data

    Digital GIS Shapefiles of Northampton County Data are Available for Purchase

    The following datasets are available:

    Primary Data Secondary Data
    • Parcels with Assessment Data (Polygon)
    • Street Centerlines (Line)
    • Addresses (Point)
    • Municipal Boundaries (Polygon)
    • School District Boundaries (Polygon)
    • Building Footprints (captured in 2015) (Polygon)
    • Railroads (Line)
    • Hydrography (Line and Polygon)
    • FEMA Flood Zones (2012) (Polygon)

    Map Projection Information:

    	Projection: Stateplane
    	Zone: 5151 (PA South)
    	Dataum: NAD83
    	Spheroid: GRS 80
    	Units: Feet

    The cost of Northampton County data is $150.

    To request data, please send a letter stating which datasets you require. Data may be transmitted either on compact disc through the U.S. Mail or online through the County eBox. Please state your preference in your letter and be sure to include a check for $150 made payable to "County of Northampton". Please note if you are going to be selecting to use the County ebox be sure to include an e-mail within the letter for the data link to be sent to.

    If you are requesting data and work for an Educational School please send us the letter on the letterhead of the School and you will not be charged the $150.

    Send data requests to the following address:

    	County of Northampton
    	ATTN: GIS Division
    	669 Washington St.
    	Easton, PA 18042-7484

     Map Prints

    Custom Map Prints and Copies of Plans are Available

    Print Prices:

    Size Black & White Color
    8.5" x 11" $1.00 $5.00
    11" x 17" $5.00 $10.00
    24" x 24" $10.00 $15.00
    30" x 30" $15.00 $20.00
    36" x 36" $20.00 $25.00
    42" x 42" $25.00 $30.00
    Subdivision Plan Copies $25.00 N/A

    Special Requests may be made for custom maps that require geospatial processing and analysis. The pricing of such maps is unique to each project. Please speak to a member of the GIS Division for further information.


    Ordinance No. 159-1989

    Ordinance creating Uniform Parcel Identifiers (UPI).

    Ordinance No. 360-2000

    Amends Ordinance #159-1989.

    Denotes that the GIS Division shall be the permanent records office for County Tax Maps. Additionally, all subdivision plans must bear street addresses for all parcels affected by said plan.

    Ordinance No. 529-2010

    Amends Ordinances #159-1989 and #360-2000.

    Requires that the Uniform Parcel Identifier on the tax map maintained for the Assessment Offices be certified as true and correct by the Northampton County GIS (Mapping) Division upon each conveyance and to provide an additional fee for said certification.

    Ordinance No. 570-2013

    Amends Ordinances #159-1989, #360-2000 and #529-2010.

    Clarifies the specific information that is required to certify Uniform Parcel Identifiers.

     Additional Resources

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