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​The ASP program is an intermediate punishment program for second time DUI offenders. The goal of the ASP program is to protect the public by ensuring incarceration and intensive supervision of second time DUI offenders, while allowing offenders to maintain employment and receive necessary alcohol treatment.
Applications for the ASP program are due by the date of formal arraignment. Application forms for the ASP program are available here: ASP.pdf or at the District Attorney’s Office. All applicants are screened prior to acceptance into the program to determine their eligibility.
If accepted into the ASP program, an offender’s sentence is determined by the specific facts of their DUI arrest; however, all offenders accepted into this program will serve less time in prison than if they entered a guilty plea. For example, a second-time, mid-tier DUI offender would likely be sentenced to spend one week in Northampton County Prison rather than one month and given the benefit of spending the remaining three weeks on house arrest. Following a period of incarceration, the offender remains under the supervision of the Northampton County Adult Probation Office for a period equivalent to the length of the statutory maximum sentence. Offenders accepted in the ASP program also have to comply with various probationary conditions, including completion of rehabilitative treatment and community service.  
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