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Welcome to the Office of Elections and Voter Registration

The Office of Elections and Voter Registration records and maintains files for all registered voters in Northampton County, files and monitors financial reporting, and administers all facets of the Electoral process as required by laws governed by the State of Pennsylvania and by the Federal Government. It is our mission to provide to all qualified voters a means of voting that will preserve the integrity of the Electoral process.




November 8, 2016      



 Accumulated Results

 Precinct Results


Note:    To find a particular precinct or candidate, open the report by clicking on the link above, then hold down the <CTRL> key and press the letter F. The find dialog box will open and you may type in the precinct or candidate name then press the <ENTER> key.

Northampton County will be using the Sequoia Advantage Voting Machines. We are pleased to advise that they are extremely user friendly.
Voting machine demonstration schedule.



Printable Voting Machine Instructions.pdf

Please remember all changes are not valid until the completed paper forms are received by the Voter Registration Office.  If you enter the information online and do not mail the form, it will not be processed.



​New as of 2015 per communication with Bethlehem Area School District

The required number of signatures needed on a nomination petition for Bethlehem Area School Directors that are running in Region I, Region II, Region III will be at least 10 valid signatures.
At - Large remains at 100 valid signatures.

  • 100 names - School Director – (At Large)
  • 10 names - School Director – REGION I – School Director - ( Bethlehem 1 N, 1 S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15-3, 16, 17 and Freemansburg Boro.)
  • 10 names - School Director – REGION II – (Bethlehem 7, 8, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 14-1, 15-1 & Hanover Twp..) – 4 Year Term
  • 10 names - School Director – REGION III – (Bethlehem 14-2,14-3,14-4,14-5,14-6,14-7,14-8,15-2 & Bethlehem Twp.) – 4 Year Term

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     General Information


     Candidates List


     2017  Official Candidate List   -   Ballot Order


    The ballot list will change pending the outcome of court hearings.  Please note as  information will be updated: Statewide offices will be

    updated as it is received pending hearings.   Reciprocating School Districts will be updated as it is received.  When all information is accurate

    the list will display Official List.

     Documents & Forms

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