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The links to documents provided on this page will be updated as much as possible. PA DEP forms are constantly being updated or changed. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the most recent form is being used for a submittal to the Conservation District, DEP or other regulatory agency. Chapter 102 Forms can be retrieved from the PA Department of Environmental Protection's eLibrary


 DO NOT Remove

     Northampton County Conservation District forms and documents

    NCCD Application.pdf  -  Required for all applications submitted
    NCCD Fee schedule.pdf  -  Effective for all applications submitted; all fees are now due with the initial application
    Expedited Review Policy - Revised 5/2019 
    Northampton County List of Hydric Soils  (Source: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Soils)
    Chapter 93 Watershed Designations (Source: Pennsylvania Code & Bulletin)
    Northampton County List of Prime Farmland Soils (Source: USDA Soil Data Access)
    A Color Catalog of BMPs for Erosion and Sediment Control
    E & S Control Plan Standard Notes - Use standard notes from E&S Manual (be sure to modify notes to be consistent with your project)
    NCCD Right to Know Policy & Procedure (In accordance with PA Office of Open Records)
        - Informal Request Form
        - Formal Request Form 

     NPDES guidance and forms

    • NPDES Visual Site Inspection Report form and instructions
           Self inspections required for NPDES permitted sites
    • NPDES Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) Forms 
           To be completed by permittee after earth disturbance is completed. Use the appropriate form based on permit application date to terminate the NPDES permit
    • When determining stream classifications, make sure you are checking both the existing use and the designated use. The existing use of the stream must be protected if it is higher than the designated use. For more information see Statewide Existing Use Classifications page of DEP's Water Quality website or check the lates version of Existing Use Classification Table.
    • NPDES Permit Amendment FAQ: Please review document and propose your associated FAQ# to the Chapter 102 Staff member assigned to your project
    • Off-site Non-surface Water Discharge FAQ: Please review document and provide a complete offsite discharge analysis if your project proposes to discharge to a non-surface water
      Surface Waters are defined as "perennial or intermittent streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, wetlands, springs, natural seeps, and estuaries, excluding water facilities approved for wastewater treatment such as wastewater treatment impoundments, cooling water ponds and constructed wetlands used as part of a wastewater treatment process." NOTE: Storm sewers and PCSM BMPs are NOT considered surface waters.
    • Proposed Fill Site Required Notes: per March 2019 directive received from DEP NERO, these notes are required to be included on both E&S and PCSM plans associated with proposed fill/import sites.  This will assist with DEP program coordination, your cooperation is appreciated.  Additional resources pertaining to fill material can be found on the Technical Guidance page of DEP's Solid Waste page.
    • Solar Panel Farms FAQ
    • New MS4 FAQ released by DEP
    • Common Plan of Development FAQ has been released by PADEP

     PA Erosion and Sediment Control Program (Chapter 102)

    DEP Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Manual (April 2012) and Standard Construction Details
                DEP Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Manual Online Training

                ESPC Manual Chapter 1_15 plan requirements.pdf

    Corrections for Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual (E&SPC Manual Errata_March 2012)

    Links to PA DEP webinars related to Chapter 102 and 105

    Chapter 102 regulations for Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater (effective 11/19/2010)

    Alternative E&S and PCSM BMPs Reviewed by DEP (approved BMPs on this listing may be used for managing stormwater associated with new construction projects)

    Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual

     PNDI/PNHP documents

        Link to Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program Website - Click on PNDI Environmental Review Tool

     PHMC documents

    PHMC Cultural Resource Notice
         Required for some NPDES permits

     Online Tools and Stream Impairment Lists

    PADEP Integrated Stream Report
          NEW online mapping tool that can be used to look up the impairment and TMDL status of streams
    PA Fish & Boat Commission Trout Streams
         NEW online mapping tool that can be used to look up naturally trout reproducing streams, etc. (assists with EV wetland classification per Chapter 105)
    PA DEP eMap
          Look up the stream on the integrated water quality report and also check eMap. Look for Streams Integrated List --attaining or non-attaining. Find your receiving watercourse and ensure Streams and Water Resources---Streams Integrated List-- Non Attain is selected. A dashed or solid red line on your stream indicates impaired.

    NRCS Web Soil Survey
         The online NRCS mapping tool useful in generating reports for development projects.

    USGS StreamStats watershed mapping tool/calculator
         Tool for mapping and quantifying the drainage area at any point in a stream. Very useful to determine if you may need a Chapter 105 permit. Contact DEP for further assistance on determining whether or not you need a Chapter 105 Permit

    FEMA mapping tool
          Enter an address to view Flood Insurance Rate Maps of floodplains and floodways. (The floodway is generally regulated by PA DEP. If it is not mapped then assume that the floodway extends from the stream 50 feet from the top of the bank of the stream.)
          Northampton County, PA property tax records online. Also contains some soil mapping capabilities.

    NWI Wetland Mapping Tool
          An online, up to date version of the National Wetlands Inventory Maps

          DEP online permit tracking system

    Permit Application Consultation Tool (PACT)
         DEP tool to determine required permitting for a proposed project

    ACT 46 Permit Extension Information and Forms

     Chapter 105 Program

    NCCD reviews the E&S plan associated with most Chapter 105 permits:
          As required under the Chapter 105 General Permit condition (#20), the E&S plan must be reviewed and approved by NCCD prior to the start of construction. 
          E&S plans associated with Individual 105 permits are required to be reviewed and approved prior to the permit issuance.
    Please see our fee schedule for more information.

    ​PLEASE NOTE: The Northampton County Conservation District does not administer the PA DEP Chapter 105 Program. All inquiries regarding stream encroachments should be forwarded to the PADEP Northeast Regional Office.

    Chapter 105 Program

     Timber Harvest Information

    ​A municipality may require you to submit a Timber Harvest E&S Plan for approval.
    All plans should conform with Chapter 14 of the DEP E&S Manual (March 2012)

    All of the following forms will be required for a Timber Harvest Application/Operation.  See DEP website for most recent version of forms.

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