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  1. ​To cultivate a desire to learn more about our natural environment through competitive events.
  2. To develop a greater appreciation for our dependence on the natural environment.
  3. To provide students with experience in environmentally-oriented activities to enable them to become environmentally aware and action-oriented adults.


The Northampton County Conservation District (NCCD) will accept contributions to assist in providing its annual Envirothon program. The NCCD will accept monetary contributions as well as contributions of goods and services. All contribution will be acknowledged per policy. Donations Policy.pdf

Please complete the Sponsorship form, be sure to check off Envirothon and provide it to the District with your contribution. Donations Policy FORM.docx

Thank you for your support!




2020 Northampton County High School Envirothon is scheduled for
Thursday, April 23, 2020 is CANCELLED
due to cancellation of the State Competition by PA Envirothon based on PA Governor's emergency order.
Please check back here for more updates.


Bangor HS Team Maroon has won the 2019 NCCD Envirothon - Fifth year winning steak! Good luck at States!

Bangor HS Team White took 2nd Place!

Freedom Team Black took 3rd

Bangor HS Team Maroon Placed 4th in the State Competition - Congratulations Bangor - outstanding job!


Bangor HS Team Maroon has won the 2018 NCCD Envirothon - Four year winning steak!

Bangor HS Team White also took 2nd Place!


                                                                                                                                              Northampton High School Team #1 placed third




Bangor HS Team Maroon has won the 2017 NCCD Envirothon - Third year in a row!
CONGRATULATIONS BANGOR on 10th place at the PA Envirothon Competition!!!

Moravian Acadmey Team red placed 2nd place:

and Pen Argyl Team Green took 3rd place

Bangor HS Team #1 has won the 2015 NCCD Envirothon
Nazareth HS Team #2 was 2nd,
and Moravian Academy Green Ponders were 3rd
Nazareth HS Team #1 has won the 2014 NCCD Envirothon
Pen argyl HS Team #2 was 2nd,
and Bangor #1 HS was 3rd
Freedom HS Team #1 has won the 2013 NCCD Envirothon
Freedom HS Team #2 was 2nd,
and Pen Argyl #1 HS was 3rd
Northampton HS has won the 2012 NCCD Envirothon
Easton HS Team 2 was 2nd,
and Nazareth HS was 3rd
Pen Argyl HS has won the 2011 NCCD Envirothon
Freedom HS was 2nd,
and Northampton HS was 3rd
Pen Argyl HS has won the 2010 NCCD Envirothon
Nazareth HS Team #1 was 2nd and
Freedom HS Team #1 was 3rd.
Pen Argyl HS has won the 2009 NCCD Envirothon
Nazareth HS Team #2 was 2nd and
Nazareth HS Team #1 was 3rd.
Nazareth HS has won the 2008 NCCD Envirothon
Pen Argyl HS Teams #1 and #2 tied for 2nd and
Freedom HS Team #1 was 3rd.
Nazareth HS has won the 2007 NCCD Envirothon
Easton HS Team #1 was 2nd and
Pen Argyl HS Team #1 was 3rd.


The winner of the Northampton County Envirothon will compete in the Pennsylvania Envirothon.


The Northampton County ENVIROTHON is an environmental and ecological educational learning experience for students, teachers and parents. The Northampton County Conservation District with assistance from the Parks Department and volunteers help to plan, coordinate and run the Envirothon since its inception in 1998. Local businesses, individuals, cooperating agencies and sponsors donate time, talent and resources to make the Envirothon possible.

The Envirothon program originated in Pennsylvania in the spring of 1979. Pennsylvania’s State Conservation Commission and the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts sponsored the program as an outdoor, hands-on competition for high school students. Three county conservation districts held local competitions that first year. The Northampton County Envirothon started in 1998 with only four teams competing. The Northampton County Envirothon invites all 15 Northampton County high schools and home school programs to participate. Our goal is to one day have teams from all schools compete.

Since 1979, the Envirothon program has grown to include all but one county within the state. The first statewide competition was held in 1984, with only six of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties participating. The first national competition was held in October of 1988 with Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio participating.

Envirothon Contributions Policy

 Northampton County Envirothon

​The next Northampton County Envirothon is scheduled for April 26, 2018.

Current Issue: The Benefits of Grassland and Patureland Management
Educational Resources for the Envirothon can be downloaded for free on the Pennsylvania Envirothon website

1. A team will consist of a MAXIMUM of five members.
2. Each school must have one advisor per team. Advisors will be assigned a team to
accompany throughout the event; advisors will not accompany their own team.
3. Competition will consist of five events: Soils and Land Use, Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity in a Changing World.
4. Each team must compete in each of the five events.
5. Competition will be conducted by cooperating agencies.
6. Judges' decisions are final on all events.
7. Each individual team will stay together during the competition.
8. Advisors may not assist teams in the actual competition.
9. NO books - NO backpacks - NO cell phones - NO Ipods during the competition.
10. The winning team will be the team with the highest cumulative total points for the five events. Awards will be presented as follows:
Plaques - The three top-scoring teams will be awarded a plaque, which they can display at their school.
Medallions - Students from the three top-scoring teams will be awarded medallions.
T-shirts - All participants will receive a commemorative T-shirt from the event.

GENERAL AGENDA for the day
8:30 - 9:00 REGISTRATION
9:00 - 9:15 ORIENTATION
9:25 - 9:55 SESSION 1
10:00 -10:30 SESSION 2
10:35 -11:05 SESSION 3
11:10 - 11:40 SESSION 4
11:45 - 12:15 SESSION 5
12:20 -1:00 LUNCH
1:40 - 2:00 AWARDS

 Goals of the Envirothon

​Participants will develop knowledge of:

  1. The effect individual actions have on environmental problems, either positive or negative.
  2. The interactions and interdependencies of our total environment.
  3. Renewable and non-renewable resources.
  4. Current environmental problems.
  5. Local resource and cooperating agencies available to assist them in environmentally related matters.
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