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With suburbia encroaching on Northampton County’s farmlands, it is important that we provide continued support and assistance to local farmers. The District can offer technical assistance to farms that: 

  • apply manure and fertilizer
  • need to install stream crossings and stream bank fencing for livestock and/or
  • want to minimize soil erosion so that they are eligible for state and federal programs and protect environmental resources


Contact our District Agricultural Technician at 610-829-6281 with any questions.

Additional Guidance Information:

For general information regarding Agriculture in Pennsylvania, please visit the PA Department of Agriculture website.

For information on Agricultural E&S guidance, please see the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Manual for Agricultural Operations (effective October 5, 2019).

For information about Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Act (Act 38, 2005) Program, and associated technical guidance and educational information, please visit Penn State Extension's Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program website.

Penn State Extension offers an online Manure Management Plan Course: click here for more information. 

Manure Hauler Nutrient Balance Sheet Submission

The District works closely with the Pennsylvania branch of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (Formerly Soil Conservation Service) in solving complex conservation issues on agricultural lands.

For information regarding farmland preservation, please visit the Northampton County Farmland Preservation website.

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