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Court Rule

N210 Content and Filing of Briefs

N210 Content of Briefs
(a) Form. Each brief shall be typewritten, printed or otherwise duplicated, endorsed with the name of the case, the court, the number, and the name, address and telephone number of the attorney or unrepresented party.
(b) Content. The brief shall include a statement of the facts, a statement of the questions involved, and the argument.
(1) The statement of the facts shall, depending upon the nature of the case, consist of an abstract of the testimony or of the pleadings or both, and shall include a procedural history of the case.
(2) The statement of questions involved must be so drawn that the court may quickly determine all the legal questions to be decided.
(3) The argument shall be divided into as many parts as there are questions involved. Citations of authority shall be accurately designated, shall set forth the volume and page number where they appear, and shall set forth the exact citation of the principles for which they are cited. Whenever a Pennsylvania statute is cited, the pertinent title and section number of Purdon’s Statutes shall also accompany said citation.
(4) Whenever testimony is abstracted or referred to, it must contain reference to the pages of the transcript where the supporting evidence may be found.
(c) Penalty for Noncompliance. Failure to conform to any requirement of this rule shall constitute a default for which the cause may be continued or stricken off the list or the application of the party in default refused, as the court may deem just and proper.
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