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Court Rule

2003-01 D.U.I. Program Fees

In Re: Administrative Order 2003-1 -- DUI Program Fees 
AND NOW, this ____ day of February, 2003, D.U.I/A.R.D fees are amended as follows: Court costs are increased by One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) for those persons with a blood alcohol level of .15% or lower and by Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350.00) for those with a blood alcohol level in excess of .15%.
All other fees shall remain as set in Administrative Order 2002-1.
This Order shall be effective with respect to all DUI offenders whose charges are filed on or after February 7, 2003.
Further, the Clerk of Court is instructed to automatically assess any future increases in Court costs as mandated by State Regulation or Act to Court costs without further Order of Court.
This Order supplements Administrative Order #2002-1.

By the Court,
Robert A. Freedberg
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Created at 1/28/2016 2:32 PM by Vitek Gajewski
Last modified at 5/31/2018 9:21 AM by Vitek Gajewski
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