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Court Rule

2016-9 Use of Technology in Criminal Matters

IN RE:         :
The Use of Technology in       : No. 2016-9
Criminal Matters        : 
          : Administrative Order
 AND NOW, this 12th day of  December, 2016, the following shall apply to all criminal cases in Northampton County and shall be incorporated by reference into every criminal pretrial attachment and/or scheduling Order for criminal cases: 
 1) At the time of trial, counsel for the Commonwealth and defense counsel shall pre-mark all trial exhibits and provide copies to opposing counsel and/or unrepresented parties.  The exhibits shall be provided to opposing counsel and unrepresented parties in the format in which the exhibits will be used in the courtroom.  For example, if a party intends to display hard paper copies of exhibits, the party shall provide the other party with pre-marked hard paper copies of the exhibits.  If the party intends to display an electronic format of an exhibit, the party shall provide the other party with the pre-marked exhibit in the electronic format in which the exhibit will be displayed in Court.
 2) The Commonwealth and defense counsel shall each have hard paper copies of all pre-marked exhibits which are admitted into evidence in the event that the Court decides to provide such exhibits to the jury for use during its deliberations.
 3) Should counsel for the Commonwealth or counsel for the defendant or any unrepresented party wish to employ the use of any models or videotapes and require technology for the use of same, they shall arrange to have all of their own necessary electronic equipment in the courtroom prior to the start of the trial, and each party shall be solely responsible for operating its own electronic equipment.   The Court reserves the right to require each party to use the Court’s equipment, including, but not limited to, laptop computers, for the showing of any photographs and/or videos.
       BY THE COURT:
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Created at 12/15/2016 9:01 AM by Lisa Mann
Last modified at 5/31/2018 9:24 AM by Vitek Gajewski
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