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Court Rule

N15.5.1 Adoption. Additional Requirements

(a) Preliminary Order. A preliminary order setting a hearing date and directing that an investigation be conducted shall be appended as a first page to the petition.
(b) Certificate of Health. At the adoption hearing there shall be offered into evidence a certificate of health signed by a licensed physician, attesting to the present condition of health of each adoptee and each non related adopting parent.
(c) Final Adoption Decree. Following the entry of a decree of termination, either voluntary or involuntary, or pursuant to a Petition to Confirm Consent, thirty (30) days shall elapse before a final adoption decree is entered.
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Created at 1/29/2016 4:12 PM by Vitek Gajewski
Last modified at 1/29/2016 4:12 PM by Vitek Gajewski
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