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Court Rule

N10.2.2 Appeals

(a) Manner. An appeal from the Register shall be filed with the Register.
(b) Contents of Petition. After an appeal is taken from a judicial act of or proceeding before the Register, the appellant shall promptly present a petition to the Court which shall set forth:
(1) the nature of the proceeding before the Register;
(2) the basis for the appeal; and
(3) the names and addresses of all parties in interest, whether or not parties to the record.
(c) Citation. If the petition sets forth a prima facie case, a citation will be issued, directed to all parties in interest, including those not represented on the record, to show cause why the appeal should not be sustained and the judicial act or proceeding complained of be set aside.
(d) Filing. The petition shall be filed with the Clerk and the citation issued forthwith by him. The party appealing from the decree of the Register shall, within the time prescribed by law, have endorsed on the cover of the petition, a statement by the Register that the bond, if required, has been filed and approved by the Register.
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Created at 1/29/2016 4:06 PM by Vitek Gajewski
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