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Court Rule

N5.4.1 Return of Notice. Additional Requirements

(a) Copy of Notice to be Attached. A copy of the notice given shall be attached to the return in every case.
(b) Personal Service. Return of personal service of notice shall set forth the date, time, place and manner of service, and that a true and correct copy of the notice was handed to the person served.
(c) Registered Mail or Certified Mail. Return of notice by registered or certified mail shall set forth the date and place of mailing and shall include the return receipt, or a photocopy thereof. When the person who gives notice by registered or certified mail has personal knowledge or cause to believe that such notice was not received by the person to be notified, he shall so state in the return. When a person resides in a foreign country, a statement that the notice was so mailed to the person at the designated address shall be sufficient unless otherwise ordered.
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Created at 1/29/2016 3:54 PM by Vitek Gajewski
Last modified at 1/29/2016 3:54 PM by Vitek Gajewski
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