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Court Rule

N1910.11 Continue Sched Conf

RULE 1910.11
(1) The Domestic Relations Section, when aware that attorneys represent one or both parties, shall consult with counsel prior to scheduling support conferences.
(2) All applications for continuances shall be submitted directly to the Domestic Relations Section Director.
(3) Pa.R.C.P. No.1910.6 requires the Domestic Relations Section to provide a twenty (20) day notice for a hearing before a Domestic Relations Conference Officer. Any continuance granted within the twenty (20) day period shall result in the loss of slot reserved by the Conference Officer for such hearings. For this reason, the Domestic Relations Section shall require applications for continuances to be submitted within twenty-five (25) days of the hearing date, so that the slot may be reassigned to another case. All timely applications for continuances shall be ruled upon by the Domestic Relations Section Director and will be granted for good cause.
(4) Applications for continuance shall be signed by the parties and/or their counsel of record and submitted on the Northampton County Application for Continuance Form. It should be noted that the continuance of any scheduled conference will result in a significant delay in rescheduling the conference.
(5) Applications filed less than twenty-five (25) days before the scheduled conference shall be denied by the Domestic Relations Section Director.
(6) Either party may appeal a Domestic Relations Section ruling on a continuance application by presenting the continuance ruling to the Administrative Judge for Domestic Relations for review. Agreement of counsel and/or conflicts with other scheduled court appearances shall not be sufficient reason to
grant a continuance of a scheduled conference.
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Created at 1/29/2016 10:39 AM by Vitek Gajewski
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