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Court Rule

N150 Bench Warrant

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(a) Bench warrant hearings required by PA.R.CRIM. P. 150(A)(1) shall be conducted by the motions judge if the judge who issued the bench warrant is unavailable.

(b) The Warden of Northampton County Prison promptly shall notify the Court Administrator that an individual is being held on a bench warrant.
(c) The Court Administrator shall schedule the bench warrant hearing so that the individual is not held prior to hearing longer than 72 hours, or until the close of the next business day, if the 72 hours expires on a non-business day. The Court Administrator promptly shall notify the District Attorney, the Public Defender or defendant’s attorney if an appearance has been entered, and the Office of Pre-trial Services of the bench warrant hearing.
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Created at 1/29/2016 10:09 AM by Vitek Gajewski
Last modified at 8/25/2021 9:46 AM by Lisa Mann
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