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Court Rule

N300.101 Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

(a) Any person requesting admission into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program shall, within thirty (30) days after arraignment, file an application with the Clerk of Courts, Criminal Division, and serve a true and correct copy upon the District Attorney. No application filed thereafter will be considered except by order of court.
(b) The application shall be made on a form to be provided by the District Attorney. All questions thereon must be fully answered or explanation given where an answer cannot be given. Said application shall be signed by the defendant and his counsel and shall be verified.
(c) The District Attorney shall, upon receipt thereof, review the application, and approve or disapprove the defendant for further consideration in the program. No exceptions from adverse action on such an application will be entertained by the Court.
(d) During the pendency of the application, no requests for discovery nor Pretrial Motions will be entertained except by leave of Court for good cause shown. Upon notice of disapproval of the application, the defendant may file such requests or motions within the periods allowed by Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure. Said periods shall be deemed to run from the date of the notice of disapproval of the application.
(e) Should the application be approved by the District Attorney but the defendant not be admitted to the program, the period for filing of requests for discovery or Pretrial Motions shall be deemed to run from the date of defendant's rejection or voluntary withdrawal from the program.
(f) The District Attorney shall not be required to consider any A.R.D. application which does not include a waiver of Rule 600 executed by the defendant and his attorney.
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