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Court Rule

N4017(d) Filing of Certificate of Depositation


(1) Upon completion of the stenographic transcription of any deposition, the stenographer before whom the deposition has been taken shall file with the Prothonotary a Certificate of Deposition. The Certificate of Deposition shall contain the following information and shall substantially conform to the form shown in Appendix A:
(a) the name(s) of the person(s) deposed;
(b) that the witness was duly sworn;
(c) the total number of pages in each deposition;
(d) the date, time and place deposition was taken;
(e) the counsel present at deposition; and
(f) the name of counsel who has received the original transcription and copies thereof.
(2) The Prothonotary shall promptly file the certificate and record its filing on the docket.
(3) Custody and responsibility for original deposition. This responsibility shall remain with the attorney who has received the original transcription until the case is terminated or the deposition has been filed pursuant to paragraph (4) herein.
(4) The attorney having custody of the original deposition shall forthwith file the entire original deposition with the Prothonotary whenever so directed by the Court.
(Appendix A)
I certify that on the ____ day of ______________, 19___, the following person(s) appeared before me and gave deposition under oath:
Name No. of Pages
________________________________________ ___________________
________________________________________ ___________________

Further, I certify that counsel listed below were present at the deposition and that distribution was made by me as indicated:

Name Original or Copy
________________________________________ ___________________
________________________________________ ___________________

__________________________________ Stenographer/Reporter
__________________________________ Date
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