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Court Rule

N250A Money Paid into Court


(a) Banker of Court. Money paid into court shall be deposited by the Prothonotary in such bank or trust company as the Court may designate to the credit of the Court in the particular cause. It shall be the duty of the bank to earmark each and every deposit made to the credit of the Court, by designating the suit or matter in which the deposit is made by the number and term and by the names of the parties thereto, or in case of an estate, the name thereof.
(b) Payment by Check or Draft. No money shall be paid into court except by check or draft, payable to the order of the Court, across the face of which shall be written or printed in red ink the words, "For deposit only to the credit of the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County in the ............ bank of ............, Pennsylvania in trust for the parties to the suit." When leave to pay the money into court is asked for, the check or draft shall be exhibited to the Court.
(c) Payment from Account. When money is once deposited to the credit of the Court, it shall not be paid out except on the check of the Prothonotary attested by one of the judges, and when the attestation of the judges is applied for, the order of the Court directing the money to be paid out shall be exhibited. A copy of this and the two preceding rules shall be inserted in the Court's bank books.
(d) Bank Account Docket. The Prothonotary shall keep a docket to be called the bank account docket, in which shall be entered an account of all moneys paid into Court, designating the names of the parties, the number and term of the suit or execution, or in other cases the name of the estate or proceeding to which the money appertains, and the bank or trust company where the deposit is held. When a check is given on any Court fund, the same shall be receipted for in this docket.
(e) Interest. The interest on such deposits, if any, shall inure to the benefit of those entitled to the principal.
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Created at 1/29/2016 8:48 AM by Vitek Gajewski
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