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Court Rule

N217A Costs


(a) Bill of Costs of Witnesses. Bills for costs for the attendance of witnesses shall contain the names and post office addresses of the witnesses, the dates of their attendance and the place from which mileage is claimed. They shall be verified by the affidavit of the party filing them, or the certificate of his attorney, stating they were actually present in court on the days stated, that in his opinion they were material witnesses, and their attendance during the time stated was necessary and that they are the persons entitled to payment of witness fees.
(b) Where Defendant Admits a Sum Owing. If the defendant in his answer admits a certain sum to be due and offers to confess judgment for the same, which is not accepted by the plaintiff, the defendant shall be entitled to recover costs subsequently accruing unless the plaintiff recovers a greater sum than the amount offered.
(c) On Continuance. All costs of the term shall be paid by the party through whose default a cause on the trial list is continued, if a bill for the same verified by affidavit is filed within five (5) days after the continuance. If the costs are not paid when or before the cause is next called for trial, the trial shall proceed, but the party in default shall not be permitted to offer any evidence.
(d) On Discontinuance or Nonsuit. When a suit has been discontinued or nonsuited, a second suit between the same parties for the same cause of action shall not be instituted until the costs of the former suit have been fully paid.
(e) Costs of Argument. When any matter on or proper for the argument list shall have been adjudicated without making any disposition of the costs incurred in and about such matter, such costs shall be paid by the party against whom the adjudication has been made.
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Created at 1/29/2016 8:43 AM by Vitek Gajewski
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