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The County Council is presided over by a President who, along with the Vice-President of Council, is chosen at an annual organizational meeting. It is also the responsibility of the President to determine the committee structure of the Council.

The County Council meets on the first and third Thursday of each month in the Council Meeting Room. It has the power to make laws, levy taxes, adopt and repeal ordinances, and determine the composition of county agencies. It confirms appointments of officials and, on occasion may even make appointments, set the salaries of elected officials, and also establish the annual county budget and financial plan.

The County Council Members are assisted by a Clerk to Council and other staff members.

Email County Council Members:

County Council Contact Number:

Kevin Lott -

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6767

District 1

County Council Contact Number: 610-829-6608

Kerry L. Myers -

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6768

District 2

Ronald R. Heckman -

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6609



John Cusick  - 

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6770

District 3



William B. McGee -

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6610



Thomas A. Giovanni -

County Council Contact Number: 610-829-6769

District 4

 Lori Vargo Heffner -

County Council Contact Number: 610-829-6766


Tara M. Zrinski -

County Council Contact Number:  610-829-6611



Ronald R. Heckman
  • Ronald R. Heckman


Lori Vargo Heffner
  • Lori Vargo Heffner

    Vice President

John Cusick
  • John Cusick
Margaret (Peg) Ferraro
  • Margaret (Peg) L. Ferraro
Thomas A. Giovanni
  • Thomas A. Giovanni
Kevin Lott
  • Kevin Lott
William B. McGee
  • William B. McGee
Kerry L. Myers
  • Kerry L. Myers
Tara M. Zrinski
  • Tara M. Zrinski
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