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Reports and Studies

Financial Impact of Blight

These reports assessed the direct and indirect costs of blight to Pennsylvania cities and regions.  Direct costs are substantial and include police and fire protection, code enforcement and securing of blighted properties.  The indirect costs are even greater as blighted properties cause a significant loss of surrounding property values and resulting property tax revenue to local government.  For many municipalities, it is important to understand the costs that blight and problem properties impose every day in order to determine if there are better uses for those funds to proactively address blighted properties. 

Financial Impact of Blight on the Tri-Cog Communities: Full Report

Financial Impact of Blight on the Tri-Cog Communities: Exec. Summary

"Vacant Land Management in Philadelphia: The Costs of the Current System and Benefits of Reform" 

 Blight Related Pennsylvania Studies

Since 2003 a series of studies of blight and blight related studies and reports in Pennsylvania have been written that offer important information for municipalities wrestling with the best way to understand, make the case for, or implement blight remediation strategies.

From Blight to Bright:  A Comprehensive Toolkit for Pennsylvania (2014) – Karen Black

"The Determinants of Neighborhood Transformations in Philadelphia Identification and Analysis: The New Kensington Pilot Study" - Susan Wachter

"Vacant Properties and Violence in Neighborhoods" - Charles C. Branas, David Rubin, and Wensheng Guo

"More Than Just An Eyesore: Local Insights And Solutions on Vacant Land And Urban Health" - Eugenia Garvin, Charles Branas, Shimrit Keddem, Jeffery Sellmar, and Carolyn Cannuscio

Quick Guide: New Tools to Address Blight and Abandonment (2012)

From Liability to Viability (2004)

Municipal Blight Remediation Plans

Since 2017, several Pennsylvania municipalities have commissioned and are in the process of implementing blight remediation action plans that may offer helpful guidance.

Bethlehem Blight Betterment Initiative (2018)

"Comprehensive Blight Strategy Plan", City of Altoona (March 2018)

New Castle Blight Strategy (2017)

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