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Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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Forms and Applications     
                 Alphabetical listing


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 A  Absentee ballot (civilian) -  For mailing instructions double click on 
 thumbtack icon within the application document (upper left corner)
   Absentee ballot (FPCA) Overseas; Military - For mailing instructions double click on thumbtack icon within the application document (upper left corner)
 Act 319 Regulations and Application
   Agricultural Security Area Application Form
 Address Change Application - For instructions double click on 
 thumbtack icon within the application document (upper left corner)
   Assessment Appeal Instructions - Please note, the filing deadline for all annual appeals has changed from September 1 to August 1 - also effective January 1, 2013 new fees apply
   Assessment Appeal - Commercial Form
   Assessment Appeal - Residential Form
 Assessment Appeal - Exempt to Active Form
 Assessment Appeal - Homestead Exclusion Form
 B  Birth certificates
   Boating license
 C   Campaign Finance Form
    Child Abuse Clearance Form
 Concealed Weapons Permit (License to Carry Firearms)
   Conservation Easement Application Form
   Criminal History Request Form
 D   Death certificates
   Dog License      
   Drug and Alcohol
 E  Election campaign forms
 Emergency Absentee Application
   Enter of Appearance  (Criminal Division) 
 Espanol - Civilian Absentee Ballot
 F  Fishing license     
 H  Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Application   
 Hotel Tax
 Hunting license
 L   License to carry firearm (Concealed Weapons Permit)
 M  Mental Health
   Mental Retardation
 O  Open Funding Request
   Orphans' Court Forms and Applications
 P   Passport
   Pracipe for Hearing List  (Criminal Division)
 R  Real Estate Tax Certification Request Form
 Register of Wills Forms
 S  Small Games Of Chance
 Summary Appeal  (Criminal Division)
 V  Voter Registration Application
      Voter Registration Forms - All