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2015 Affordable Housing Program Funding Announcement


Application deadline: November 14, 2014 


Northampton County expects to award up to $450,000 in local Affordable Housing Program funding for projects that create or maintain the availability of quality affordable housing for residents of Northampton County whose annual incomes are below the median income for the County.  Eligible applicants include private non-profits, development corporations, and governmental entities.


Funds may be used for:

- Projects that create or retain rental units or owner-occupied housing; and

- Supportive funding for costs incurred by non-profits or governmental entities in order to offer emergency housing services.


A full description of program guidelines is available at: AHP Guidelines. The electronic application is available at this link: Funding Request Form.




The County of Northamptonís Department of Community and Economic Development is pleased to release a Request for Proposals for funding available under the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for urban entitlement communities.  Proposals will be considered from boroughs, townships, and non-profits throughout the County for projects that address the needs of low- to moderate-income individuals during 2015.  For further information, please click

HUD Guidance on Section 3 Compliance, Issued May 2009

HUD has issued guidance for recipients of CDBG, NSP, PIH/PH Capitol Funds on compliance with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.    Section 3 is one of HUDís tools for ensuring that the expenditure of federal funds in economically distressed communities has a multiplier effect by targeting local low- and very low-income persons and qualified businesses for jobs, training, and contracting opportunities.  

For applicants interested in funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (CDBG-R), the requirements of Section 3 apply in the same manner as they do for other types of covered HUD financial assistance.     Since ARRA funding is specifically intended to create jobs and other economic opportunities for those most impacted by the recession, compliance with the requirements of Section 3 is critical.  The attached guidance was tailored to the ARRA requirements but is helpful for all potential recipients of HUD funding.  Click here to open the document.


Housing-Related Grant Reporting

Agencies receiving housing-related grants, namely Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) and Affordable Housing grants, must submit Fiscal Status and Beneficiary report forms semi-annually and upon close-out of the grant. These reports are due every January 31 and July 31 during the contract period.  The forms may be accessed at the "Housing Report Forms" link under Community Development Programs.