Northampton: Touch Screen Voting Results - 11/8/2011
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Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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         November 8, 2011


The Official Results of the winners of the tied races will be
updated after the Statewide Casting of Lots, which will be
held on Friday, November 20, 2009.


A Candidate that cross-filed or won with Democratic write-in

votes will be listed on the reports as a Democrat as a result

of the tabulation by the machines and the order of parties

as established state wide, resulting with the United States

Governor's party.


Only the names of the candidates that won at the casting of
lots for a tied office will appear on the reports.

Results may or may not contain all absentee votes.

To find a particular precinct or candidate, open the report by clicking on
the link above, then hold down the <CTRL> key and press the letter F. 
The find dialog box will open and you may type in the precinct or
candidate name then press the <ENTER> key.

Compiled results from Reciprocating Counties:

        ***Winners are in bold font***


Bethlehem School Director At Large 4yr term

Michele T. Cann                    10,958

Basillo A. Bonilla, Jr.               6,920

Sudantha Vidanage                6,534

Kenneth Barreto                     5,816

Randy Toman                         5,431



Bethlehem School Director Reigon 2

Michele T. Cann                      2,625


Catasauqua School At Large 4yr term

Carol A. Cunningham            878

Mary Alice Hartranft           860

Christine E. Naegel               840

Dawn M. Berrigan                811

Robert Levine                       579

Christine Reingruber             574


Catasauqua School At Large 2yr term

Carol McCarthy                        711


Easton School Director Reigion 2

Ronnie DelBacco                      463

Frank Pintabone                    1,292


Northern Lehigh School Director At Large 4 yr term

Raymond Follweiler, Jr.        1,157

Donna M. Kulp                      1,147

Edward E. Hartman              1,146

Robin T. Distler                     1,226

Mathias Matt Green             1,100


Northern Lehigh School Director At Large 2 yr term

Natalie J. Green                     1,219


­Bethlehem City Council

Robert J. Donchez                    5,176

J. William Reynoolds               4,466

Michael D. Recchiuti               4,252

Tom Carroll                              3,286

Tony Simao                              3,031

Al Bernotas                              2,804


­Bethlehem City Treasurer

Kaija L. Farber                      5,233