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Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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Gracedale's origins go back to 1873 when the Northampton County Commissioners purchased the 365 acre farm from the Moravians. In 1951 the Moravian Church of America gave permission to use "Gracedale", the English translation "Gnadenthal", the name given to the original farm established in 1745. Originally the Northampton County Home was designed as dormitory facilities, and the "guest" could come and go as they pleased. Medical services and nursing facilities provided were minimal. The operation of Gracedale has changed significantly over the years.


What Is Gracedale

Gracedale is a county-owned and operated nursing home which is part of the Department of Human Services, and is one of the largest facilities in Pennsylvania. The Gracedale facility is licensed to provide long term nursing care to residents appropriate to their individual needs. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurses aides provide services under the direction of in-house physicians. Gracedale is administered by a Pennsylvania licensed nursing home administrator.



The purpose of Gracedale is to provide quality nursing care in public facility. Gracedale is geared to meet the total needs of the adult resident who cannot be maintained in the community, despite appropriate assistance from multiple agencies. Those who lack the necessary resources for private nursing homes are a priority here. Provisions are made for medical, recreational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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More information about Gracedale is availble via the following link:

Gracedale Nursing Home