Northampton: Northampton County District Attorney
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Northampton County, Pennsylvania
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District Attorney

John M. Morganelli
Northampton County Courthouse
669 Washington St
Easton PA  18042-7492
Phone: (610) 829-6630
Fax:     (610) 559-3035
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Summary of Department's responsibilities:
The Office of the District Attorney is required to prosecute all violations of Pennsylvania Criminal Law within the Northampton County's geographic boundaries. Furthermore, the District Attorney's Office advises local and Pennsylvania State Police officers in investigating and charging criminal conduct, litigating these cases at all stages through preliminary hearing, trial or guilty pleas and sentencing before the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas, as well as post-verdict proceeding and appeals.

This office also complies with a variety of victim/witness services as mandated in Pennsylvania. There is a victim-witness advocate to ensure victim's needs are meet and to help reduce the trauma of prosecution. This office also employs a Child Abuse Investigation Coordinator to collaborate efforts between systems for families and children involved in this process. Additionally, this office has recently started a Domestic Violence Unit to handle the special needs of victims and families who encounter this type of abuse.

To access the District Attorney on-line Trial or Arraignment Lists or Bad Check Restitution Program, please click the corresponding link below:

District Attorney Trial List

Arraignment List

Arraignment Index

Bad Check Restitution Program

Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit  Tatum Wilson 610-829-6673
Northampton County Drug Task Force Andre Stevens 610-829-6638
Victim Advocate / Child Abuse Investigation Coordinator Denise Drake 610-829-6645
Witness Coordinator / Subpoena Contact Denise Straka 610-829-6646
Chief of Domestic Violence Unit
Erika Farkas
Anonymous Tip Hotline   1-800-310-6545

Agency Referrals

Victim/Witness Assistance
Information on Victims Rights and Services in the Criminal Justice System
Agency: Victim/Witness Advocate- District Attorney's Office
Phone:  610-829-6645

Domestic Violence
Legal Advocacy, Counseling Shelter, and Other Assistance
Agency: Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
24 Hour HOTLINE: 610-437-3369
Business:  610-797-0530  Allentown 
              610-868-5454  Bethlehem

Sexual Assault
Counseling, Advocacy and Services for Adult and Child Sexual Assault Victims
Agency: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, inc.
HOTLINE: 610-437-6611
Business: 610-437-6610

Drunk Driving
Drunk Driving Counseling, Advocacy and Services for Victims of Drunk Driving
Agency: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
HOTLINE: 610-437-6111 Business: 610-437-6610
MADD - Mother's Against Drunk Driving 610-770-9559

Child Abuse
Counseling, Information and Referral Services for Abused and Neglected Children
Agency: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
HOTLINE: 610-437-6611
Business: 610-437-6610

Elder Abuse
Counseling, Shelter and Protective Services for Victims Age 60 and Over
Agency: Area Agency on Aging
HOTLINE: 610-252-9060 Business: 610-559-3245

Other Victims of Violence
Counseling Services and Advocacy for the Surviving Family of Homicide
Victims and for Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Burglary Victims
Agency: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
HOTLINE: 610-437-6611
Business: 610-437-6610

Crime Victim's Compensation
Compensation for Out-of Pocket Medical Bills, Lost Wages/Support,
Counseling, Funeral Expenses or Cash Loss of Benefits as a Result of an Eligible Crime
Agency: Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
HOTLINE: 610-437-6611
Business: 610-437-6610